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Richard has had a  love affair with style and storytelling from a early age. He studied fashion and went on to create his own avant garde knitwear brand Pwhoa in the early 2000s .

His skill set quickly landed him on a film set and it was not long before he was offered the key styling role on major international productions . 20  Years later and Richards legacy as the coolest stylist and creative director continues to grow. His ability to understand youth culture and create fashion trends is unprecedented. He has dressed Kate Moss, Jay Z, Rihanna and Def Hynes to name a  few. The best Directors in the business  request him and his work has graced the pages of Dazed and Confused, Vogue, Id and Pop magazine .Most recently Richard received a Silver award for styling and costume design on Adidas Originals at the International CICLOPE Awards 2023 in Berlin.

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